Creative Y&R Team

Working at Creative Y&R

At the end of the day any agency is only as good as the people that choose to work there.

You can have the best briefing system in the world, the most innovative marketing tools, the most inspiring creative philosophy and so on but if your people do not buy into it, or they are just plain bone lazy, it will not work.

This can be a hard business at times. (You know, at 1am the night before a presentation that you are giving for the fourth time and this time you have nothing.) At such moments, it is not a desire to hold down one’s job that keeps one going.
Nor even the desire to please one’s client. But a pride and passion in what one does. You have got to love this business.
You have got to believe in the power of creativity. You have got to know what you are talking about. (Why, of course!) But, most of all you have got to be relentless. A dog with a bone. Who will never, ever let go.

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