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A look at the reviews on website design trends in 2010 and one word comes to mind AMAZING. As far as website design in Kenya is concerned, the 2010 trends are the breathe of fresh air that we’ve needed on the Kenyan online scene. I compiled some of my favorite trends from several reviews, here goes…

1. Oversized Logos/Headers, the main idea being huge headers make your visitors remember you

According to Jacqueline Thomas To make an unforgettable impression on the visitor, the trend for 2010 will be oversized logos on an equally oversized header. These types of headers can take up the entire screen, but with one important note. Visitors will not need to click anything, just scroll down. Visitors often having a clicking phobia (due to years of poor navigation), so big headers do the job of a splash page without forcing your visitors to click anything.

2. Typography Rich Sites

With the proliferation of tools such as Cufon, sFIR and Typekit designers can now much more easily put a bit of typography into their websites. But it’s not just these JavaScript tools that are out there says Liz Tran.

She outlines that HTML5 uploads fonts to the server can be downloaded to the client on request if required. This means the designer can rely on the site being displayed as he or she intended. So now we are seeing an art form that was once the domain of the print media coming across to web. Typography design is closely linked to structured grid design, which has also come across the print media. Check out this 2010 trend below:

3. Grid Based Layouts

As with most controversy, the arguments for and against the use of Grids in web design becomes redundant when one understands more about who wants to use grids and why. For a designer designing a typography based website, they are looking to lay the site out in a structured manner and will typically use tools to help them do this. A grid template is an example of one such tool. The grid philosophy and the associated tools are becoming widely accepted amongst web designers and this trend will continue into 2010. The grid philosophy, such as the golden ratio, has been used in print for centuries and where there is overlap between print and web, it will also be used in web.

4. Sketch/Hand Drawn Design

Hand-drawn design is not exactly new on the horizon, but for such an interesting medium it is still on the fringes of web design. Many designers admire the style but are afraid to create their own sketches because of the “I can’t really draw” attitude. If you look at the most popular hand-drawn websites (and relative to other types of trends, there are only a few), you will notice that most of your fellow designers can’t draw.  If you can doodle, you can sketch for web design.

Sketch can be used to personalize standard web copy in new and exciting ways.

Main Idea: Sketch becomes an elemental part of corporate design.

5. One Page Layouts

One pay layouts challenge you to edit away what’s unnecessary. In 2010, this trend will move away from the quirky navigation and become more minimal in its approach. Think of these websites as business cards. These websites will be more of a one-stop-shop for how to locate you and your work on various other sites– your blog and your social media hangouts.

Main Idea: One page layouts will be more about personal profiles and less corporate.

So there go my favorite top 5 trends of 2010. For more info click here..

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